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Nearly 10% of the population of the Czech Republic is on the verge of poverty 28.3.2019

According to statistics last year, housing costs averaged CZK 5,706 per month per family, which is approximately 15.9% of total income. However, more than 40% of their net income is spent on housing, including electricity, by 10% of families.

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Our Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

Helping our clients to improve their business in Czech Republic as well as in other countries.

Find solutions in all aspects, achieve the most beneficial conditions for the client, minimize risks and provide the highest quality and professional service.


From the very beginning, we tried to equalize all consulting companies and prioritize rules according to the following principles:

Focusing on a positive result is a key asset of our company thanks to deep knowledge of the global market and experience with analytical approach.

Professionalism – qualified experts and professionals who work to achieve the successful result for our clients are specialists with long-term experience in a very specific segment.

Independence – we introduce our clients to several partners, providing them with fair choice, not representing and disrespecting the interests of someone.

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