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Nearly 10% of the population of the Czech Republic is on the verge of poverty 28.3.2019

According to statistics last year, housing costs averaged CZK 5,706 per month per family, which is approximately 15.9% of total income. However, more than 40% of their net income is spent on housing, including electricity, by 10% of families.


Business Plan

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Drafting a quality business plan is a basic prerequisite for building a successful business. It forms the building blocks of the entire project.

We are professionals in the field of business consulting and are able to assess the possibilities and routes for your project impartially and objectively, drawing from our own experience. Mapping out competitors wrongly, limited experience – all this can lead to pursuing the wrong route which will not appreciate your idea as much as it deserves to. Set a business goal which will serve as a model you can follow and which will back you up.

Not know how to write a business plan for your company? Be crystal clear. Consult your intention with us!

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Implementation example: UZG – a business plan for a restaurant in 3* hotel

Input data: a 3* hotel in the centre of Prague with a restaurant for breakfast for hotel guests only.

Goal of the project: Development of a business plan with an investment of up to 500,000 crowns for full operation of the restaurant.

Final solution: Based on marketing research of hotels with fully operating restaurants, a solution was adopted to work out and implement a business plan for the selected hotel. Data on the thrifty economy with a limited budget (up to 500,000 crowns), profitability of the evaluating period, project risks and expected profit were used as the basis for the business plan. We proposed a description of the individual implementation steps, sales marketing, development of the menu.

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