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Nearly 10% of the population of the Czech Republic is on the verge of poverty 28.3.2019

According to statistics last year, housing costs averaged CZK 5,706 per month per family, which is approximately 15.9% of total income. However, more than 40% of their net income is spent on housing, including electricity, by 10% of families.


Services to improve business efficiency

Those that wish to succeed must ask the right preliminary questions.


The goal of any business is to get the maximum possible profit. Many entrepreneurs in the normal course of business are faced with a dilemma – whether all internal resources and capabilities of the company were used to achieve the result, or it is possible to get a better effect? We are ready to examine thoroughly your business and offer you the path of development for more efficient operation.

Who can use our services:

  • Functioning companies wishing to increase profits, quantity of sales, customer flow;
  • Companies that try to improve the competitiveness of their products, to make brand more recognizable and popular;
  • All who want a fresh look the part on business organization in order to optimize business processes.

Mr.Consult offers real, timely assistance to entrepreneurs and organizations in the rise of an existing business and solving operational issues. All problems can be solved with the help of experienced professionals. Our consultants will mark the vulnerabilities of your business, assess the situation and advise the correct solutions.

We own methods and practical experience for the improvement and optimization of all business processes, to grow sales and profit, more effective work of professional staff. Tasks that you could not cope for years, can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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How do we work?

  • On the first consultation we will discuss the needs and capabilities of your business;
  • We will select the team of professionals that will reveal the real advantages and disadvantages of your business, provide an analysis of the competitive environment;
  • If it is necessary, after agreeing it with you, we will connect partners from other areas – advertising, marketing, Human Resources, promotion, etc. Narrowly focused experts will solve specific problems. Thanks to established relations, clients of Mr.Consult are always in priority for our partners and their issues are solved in the first place;
  • Together with you, we will select the most appropriate strategy for further development of your company.

As a result of our cooperation you receive accurate and realistic picture of your business. If it is necessary, we will prepare a complete solution of identified problems with the use of our innovative solutions and business technology.

Create your own the most effective business with our help! How to do it? Find out now – get an advice.

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