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Nearly 10% of the population of the Czech Republic is on the verge of poverty 28.3.2019

According to statistics last year, housing costs averaged CZK 5,706 per month per family, which is approximately 15.9% of total income. However, more than 40% of their net income is spent on housing, including electricity, by 10% of families.

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You will never make a mistake by putting people first, even when it comes to receiving money.
Michael Marks


Every whole consists of a number of elements just as a company consists of its employees. A properly working business needs quality as well as reliable and motivated employees who help develop it.

Human resources are not just a question of selecting qualified people for your goal. It is a comprehensive field aimed at satisfied, capable and thus effective employees.

If you need – and the fact is you need – good employee background, it is necessary to handle this on a day-to-day basis. It is necessary to whet the employees’ appetite to generate better performances, to keep them satisfied and to train them in new procedures.

Fortunately, it is possible to leave this activity to external recruitment agencies. But which one?
Ask the EXPERT
Not all recruitment agencies will provide you with experts in your field. Some are experienced in organising call centres, some in trade chains, others in construction companies.

You need a person who has a feeling for your field of activity, who knows it and is experienced working in it. A recruitment expert who has a solid grasp of human resources and how your employees think, how to motivate employees in the company in an appropriate way, what they need for their work and what makes it unpleasant for them. Only with such an asset can we help you build a chain of solid parts which will hold together. We will help you find the right one ensuring your employees come to work with a smile on their faces.

In order to continuously develop your company it is also necessary to set up a system for company training directed at both managers and regular employees. Last but not least, a recruitment agency may prepare criteria for you of employee evaluation thanks to which it will be subsequently far easier to evaluate company performance both as a whole as well as its individual components.

You can leave matters concerned with processing and treat yourself to a rest. We arrange all belongings to match your wishes, which is something we clear up together beforehand.

Implementation example: Bohemia – Diagnosis of the system of employee motivation

Customer: 4* hotel in Prague

Goal of the project: Diagnosis of the current system of employee motivation at the company and subsequent work on the motivation system with the aim of boosting work efficiency.

Final solution: The diagnosis carried out revealed a system of building up motivation between different groups of employees of the hotel; the ascertained factors affecting motivation and possibility of their direct influence on it. Instructions for following work with the motivation system and its proper administration were prepared.
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